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Up until recently, I didn’t have any kind of formal childcare arrangement. When I needed to write; or get biz stuff done (filming lesson videos, website work, personal coaching) it was all done either while my daughter napped, while my husband preoccupied her, or at midnight.

Problem is, staying up until 1am every night and never spending any time with my husband was starting to take its toll. In a few months I went from feeling excited, charged and optimistic to anxious, burnt out and old.

Time to rethink things.

I hate asking for help, but I knew if I wanted to get things done, I needed some serious time and space without interruptions, to get my work done quickly and efficiently. There’s something counter-intuitive about trying to write a crucial scene while watching Breaking Bad, responding to a customer’s email, doing the dishes, chatting to my husband and eating chips all at once.

I’m thrilled (and a little scared!) to have organized three days a fortnight to work exclusively on my business and writing goals. Three whole days! Imagine how much I’ll be able to get done. I’ll actually be able to put the laptop far, far away, turn my phone off and reconnect with my gorgeous little family of an evening!

I’m particularly happy that I managed to sort something that really suits both of us and likely won’t have her clinging to me at drop off, begging me to take her with me (though, you never know with kids!).

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