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Are you looking to take your writing to a higher level? Do you want to stop procrastinating and get your book written and published? Do you want to BE SOMEBODY in life and say to people, “I’m a writer”? In the world we live in today, being a parent is all-consuming. I’m here to help you balance your creative pursuits with your responsibilities and JFDI*!

Coaching for Mumma Writers

I know what it’s like trying to write your words as a busy mum. It’s overwhelming! I can help you by creating a blueprint for your novel with you and holding your hand through the entire process, from first idea to publication and marketing of your work. We use my “How to Write a Novel” course as a foundation (Course membership included in your coaching fee) but the personal contact is much higher – I devote a set time to you each week (flexible according to your needs of course – being a mumma comes first!), to speak on the phone and/or through email, where we discuss any and all facets of your creative project. Just some of the many areas we will focus on are:

  • scheduling your week to avoid overwhelm
  • planning your writing time
  • creative ways to incorporate your novel into your everyday activities
  • A writing space to call your own
  • A blueprint of your novel, from initial idea to the last page

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve successfully written, published and marketed a novel that become a best-seller on Amazon. I know what I’m talking about.

I also offer individual coaching sessions for those who are seeking guidance of a more specific nature – for example, scheduling your writing time around your children or how to finish your novel.

Please note that I only take on 2-3 individual coaching clients at one time; you may be put on a waiting list until a spot becomes available.

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A self-paced, 12 week alternative to personal coaching that’s packed with value – my How To Write a Novel course is specifically designed for mummas who have limited time and want to get their work finished, published and out into the world!

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*JFDI = Just F**king Do It


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